Whats included?

All tackle , 24 hour fishing permits , 2 rod set up , alarms , pods , bivvys , bedchairs , sleeping bags , chairs , tables , nets , weigh gear , retainer slings , cradle , boat , bait , coolboxes, kettle, cups etc.

  • 1 x 12.5 kg sack hallibut pellets.
  • 10 kg prepared maize.

Extra bait can be purchased from the local tackle shop. 


How does it work?
All you need is flights into reus spain or barcelona , our guide will be there to meet and greet you , from there we travel straight to the local supermarket stock the coolboxes up with food and drinks and onto the swims, if you dont fancy cooking not to worry there is food packages available from full cooked breakfasts in the morning and the choice of evening meals delivered to the swims.


We have everything covered down to fine detail so all you need to bring with you is your clothes , headtorch and personal belongings everything else you will need for the duration of your trip is provided.


Prices:  499 pp 1 week. (Bivvy Stay)
              350 pp 3/4 nights


Deposits: 100 pp per angler to secure your dates. 


Accomodation is available locally if preffered to a Bivvy stay, prices start from as little as 30 p/n.


Insurance: Travel insurance is compulsory, we will not be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings or injury.
Please note: Any equipment that is lost or broken must be payed for before you travel home.

Things  You Need to Bring

Head-Torch, towel, mozzi spray, power-banks, sandals.